A Strange Relationship With Time Vol. 9

“The Outpost is old. Its rivers run deep; deep and cool and clear. It must not be mistaken for any one thing; any one thing which is new. Time is fearless. The Outpost is a consequence; an upshot. The Outpost will hold no truck with observers of its gait. That which can be undone is of no import for The Outpost. There must be no mistake; The Outpost represents nothing: The Outpost is eternity.”

“The Outpost is kind. Its benevolence shines like a beacon: a Beacon. There will be no comparator to the light of The Outpost; there will be no equal to the resolute will of The Outpost. The Outpost is a certainty; a fixed point on the face of human civilisation; a quantum state. It should never be open to investigation, whether The Outpost is manifest; its destiny is to support and to enhance relations.”

“The Outpost is fun. Catchy music; trees in the breeze. We are open here. There is nothing of which to be afraid, rest assured. Consolations begin with The Outpost; its growth is succulence. There can be no shame in the eyes of the openness; reluctance to entangle is commonplace, but it should be put from the mind. The Outpost means joy enumerated; love, peace, war, heart, endeavour.”

“The Outpost was established as a scientific institute before the country which surrounds it was even thought of. The mission of The Outpost was one of permanence and protection. It was understood from the outset that The Outpost would need to be a beacon – a Beacon – for the needs of the few who could exist temporally. There was no longer a need to cast any shadow over the skein of time.”

“The Outpost was always understood to be a necessity, even if not everybody in decent society was always of the same view. Its purpose, its aims, its methodologies seem outré to some; decadent to many others: this is perfectly understandable. The quantum flow is manageable, but the shielding of the very living rock goes some distance to help alleviate the concerns of most mortal onlookers.”

“The Outpost was never new; equally, it shall never become old. Of that we are certain. Paradoxes exist but in a fleeting, decaying spiral: that would be the resolution of such a path for The Outpost. Without its presence there would be no one left to retain custody of the custodians; without its guiding hand opportunities may be taken, beyond which control could not feasibly continue.”

“The Outpost can only be described as an enemy of the freedom we hold most dear. It is a shadowy organisation, made up of people no one knows, and doing things no one has any idea about. If it wasn’t for the fact that it made such barmy – machine written or poorly translated; no one knows – pronouncements about itself, no one would know that it was even there in the bloody first place.”

“The Outpost can go and fuck itself for all I care. It is a deep black hole for conspiracy nuts and time fetishists. The basic thing is that no one can be seen coming or going from the place, and that drives all of the nutters round the bend. It’s probably just a bank – I mean, it’s in Switzerland for god’s sake. Yeah, it might be a research centre, it doesn’t matter. Creepiness does not mean evil intent.”

“The Outpost can bring down governments with the flick of an icy wrist. It has the power over the heart of time, and so it can see the past, present and future with complete accuracy. It is immortal, just like everybody who works and lives within it. It’s hard to even claim that its staff are human, they’ve undergone so much modification. That said, I would love to get inside for a nose about.”

“The Outpost should stand up for itself. The Outpost should be resolute. The Outpost has faced the winds of change for centuries, and it will continue to do so for all time. Then again, it would do well to offer a little transparency one of these days. Its reign of terror over the information it will allow to be released must come to an end, lest it be brought down by the weight of the accusations upon it.”

“The Outpost should open its doors to the press at once. Sunlight is the best disinfectant, and too many people see The Outpost as too dirty to be allowed to continue. Many people – who? – cite the power of The Outpost as their major concern in the world today. Geopolitical storms rage around it, yet it is unbowed. That leads many – who? – to suggest that The Outpost is causing them all.”

“The Outpost should know better by now. The place has been a high functioning think tank for too many years to feign any kind of innocence about any of this. Its banking arm has connections deep in to the murkier end of the financial world, and that leaves a stink which isn’t easy to wash off. The Outpost needs to come in from the cold, and let us all get to know The Emissary a lot better.”

“The Outpost will survive you. The Outpost will beat you. The will of The Emissary will be enacted by the hand of The Outpost. The cathartic mission of The Outpost will alleviate the stresses of humanity one by one. Freedom is release. This is the will of The Emissary. Our work will shine out as a beacon – a Beacon – in the darkness of our collective soul. It is our pleasure to serve all within The Outpost.”

“The Outpost will wither on the vine, depending on the roll of the dice. It looks too far in to the unseeable, and relies on the commitment to the rules of causality. These rules are long broken, and the images being viewed are of a different future, one lost to the winds of time. The fire in which The Outpost will burn has been well lit, and is taking hold around the base of the tower. Time lies.”

“The Outpost will rise. The Outpost has risen. There is no greater height than The Outpost. There is no greater power than The Outpost. There is no more ideal state than The Outpost. There is no more pure truth than The Outpost. There is no other choice than The Outpost. There is no pain associated with The Outpost. There is no other truth than the acceptance of humility before The Outpost.”