Richard Brink Books: Books written by Richard Brink or a publishing company founded and run by Richard Brink. It can always be both, and in this case, it is. Let’s start with a bit about me and my books.

Born and raised in the North-East of England, I started writing many many times throughout my teens and twenties – endless poetry, reams of screenplays and books full of scribbles and notes – all to no avail.

It finally took hold in my mid-thirties, after the pressure, need and urge to put pen to paper became too great for me to resist. I now take enormous pleasure from staring at a blank white page and watching it fill up with people and places before my very eyes.

This blog is focussed on non-fiction: commentary, opinion and review. It is intended to be in contrast to my fiction writing, not least because it is available free of charge. It is a way for me to share my view of the world with one or two people.

Publishing exclusively through Amazon Kindle, I write short form prose fiction – novellas – based on my travels across Northern Europe, particularly through the Nordic Countries. This resulted in my first series of novellas: Nordic Shorts.

Although I have never had plans to see any of my books in print, Amazon are very kindly helping me to provide paperback options.

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