In a book, the frontispiece is a picture, an informative illustration, facing the title page. This isn’t a book, and the only thing even close to an image is the pretentious name of this blog. This is not the frontispiece you are looking for.

In architecture, however, the frontispiece is the face a building offers to the world. It can be ornamental, or it can be plain; it can be flush or it can protrude; it can be as enigmatic as a smile or it can tell you everything you need to know.

Some things are set irrevocably in stone, while others are infinitely malleable. Pages and posts will come and go with the passage of time; they will flow like a glacier of words: a tongue of ice carving out a valley floor.

That which is fixed is there to inform; if it can also entertain, then it has performed its duty well. Likely, it will fill space and occupy the void; in this regard it can be seen, like a doorway, as simply part of the form and not worth reading too much in to.