Nordic Shorts

I don’t just blog, I also write fiction. So far I have written five novels set in the Nordic countries. Let me tell you a bit about them:


Myrkur follows the intertwined lives of a disparate group of people, living and working in Reykjavík; lost souls trying to keep a grip on their fragile lives amidst a tempest of violence which threatens to engulf them all.

A young man has been killed, trying to protect a secret.
An old man sits alone, scared to talk to the people he loves.
A woman is held captive, tormenting the minds of her would-be aggressors.

Through a complex, non-linear, narrative, we descend in to the murky world of Iceland’s criminal gangs and the agencies tasked with destroying them.

Taking voices from a variety of sources, from a variety of perspectives, the tale builds up through layer upon layer of evidence and influence.

Who can be trusted? Who is telling the truth? Why did Alex have to die?

Everyone is lost; everyone is vulnerable; no one is safe.


A woman finds herself in Helsinki; a bid to escape the life she no longer feels she owns, a life she has worked so very hard to build, a life she feels that the men around her have stopped her from living.

What follows is a voyage of self exploration, through the events of her life, through the meandering pathways of her own mind and through a mesmerising city; one which she never knew she needed.

Iridescence is a bildungsroman – a coming-of-age-story. It follows the life and relationships of Olivia Reese, a woman of exceptional ability and intellect, of bewildering talent and drive, of superhuman compassion and love.

Through the voice of our least reliable of narrators, we’ll learn who she is, where she is going and – more importantly – why she wants to go there in the first place.

And all she’ll need is a cardboard box.

Ex Tenebras Lucem:

Join the crew of “The Comfortable Noose” for a journey in to the future of humanity and the birth of a new elite.

Humanity has collapsed. The Oslo Devastation saw to that.
The Voices lead the way now. They are the light from the darkness.
Or so they would have you believe.

Pask has been tasked with establishing a sacred truth. The truth behind the first steps of a mighty empire: The Kingdom of Flesh. But first she needs to set foot somewhere humanity hasn’t walked for a millennium or more: Europe.

Jon and Jenny think they’re on holiday.
Jon and Jenny think they’re in the early 21st Century.
Jon and Jenny think they’re human.

Dark Green:

Jeremy and Michelle went on holiday, looking for a break. The only thing which could ruin it was them making plans.

Together or apart they’d fought long and hard to get to where they were: a beautiful home; a successful business; three wonderful children.

All they needed was a weekend off; time to stop being Mummy and Daddy, even if just for a moment. Time to enjoy being Michelle and Jeremy again.

And as the roller-coaster barrelled past and the screams of Danish youngsters Dopplered overhead, they knew they’d made the right choice. Even while Jeremy tried with all his might to best the love of his life.

A tale of love and loss, of tears and laughter, of hot-dogs and chicken.

Diabolus in Nordica:

For the Dark Architect, pray silence in his crimson court.

A thrilling romp through logic, Leviticus and the laws of physics, Diabolus in Nordica is a piece of fiction so deliciously unhinged you’ll think that the author was making it up as he was going along. Which – although not entirely untrue – would be a gross slander in anyone’s book.

See priests in flagrante, see deaths aplenty, see a demon with a massive dong destroy half of downtown Uppsala. Thankfully, not in pictures.

Join Sir Manticore Dawkins on a quest to save the world from Evil.
Join Alys Klaar as she mostly lies around, doing nothing, except getting annoyed with Sir Manticore.
Join Donna Honoghan as she kicks Satan in the face and lives to tell the tale.

The first part in a series of stories curiously entitled “The Continuing (Mis)Adventures of Sir Manticore Dawkins and his (Ir)Regular Band of Followers”.

Available exclusively through Amazon, as both Kindle eBooks and in paperback, the books can be found in the following places:






They’re also available in all of the other countries, just search for my name or the title of the book.