A Question of Hate

I feel very strongly about a lot of things: it often makes me think I hate people and things I actually know very little about.

Microwavable Garden Furniture

I don’t suppose you remember Easter, do you? It was a long time ago now: a slightly faded memory, like yesterday, through an Instagram filter. The main thing I remember is the chocolate: for a month or three all of the chocolate in all of the shops came in the shape of a freshly laid egg. Then it didn’t.

Revulsion from the Mean

It’s not that I don’t ever dislike people on sight: I really do. It’s not that I don’t formulate negative views of people as I go along, getting to know them: I definitely do that too. It’s just that I tend to take the view that I don’t like people. I do not like you, or anyone else. Get over it please.